Founders’ Consultancy I Networks

Start a business in Frankfurt am Main! As a neutral guide we offer you direct and personal orientation, individually for your new company, to find the most suitable and cost-effective pathway among the many opportunities available for business founders.


You wish to know which of the addresses listed below are the right ones for your particular new business? Tell us what you have already done about founding your company and what you still need, and we will help you find the right contacts.

We support you in your search for offices and premises, free of charge, and cooperate closely with the following institutions and establishments in our founders’ consultancy network.

Founders’ consultancy network – Consultancy and Facilitation Tools

Kompass gGmbH – Consultancy on your business concept, seminars. Additonal services: 1. For foreign founders, facilitation program of the City of Frankfurt am Main: Coordination center and free-of-charge first consultation. 2. Advice for companies in difficult situations. 3. Several more, see homepage.

jumpp – Consultancy on your business concept, seminars. Additional services: 1. Consultancy for women, specifically new businesses. 2. Coordination center for corporate cooperations and business succession. 3. Several more, see homepage.

Agentur für Arbeit Frankfurt am Main – Consultancy for currently unemployed founders.

Bürgschaftsbank Hessen – Specialized bank providing backup guarantees for bank loans. Several different programmes, also for startups needing backup guarantees between 50,000 and 1,000,000 Euros. Also the BBH is our cooperation partner in the City of Frankfurt’s support program for young entrepreneurs, the Frankfurter Gründerfonds (Frankfurt Founders Fund).

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Frankfurt am Main – Start up consultancy, seminars, extensive information, materials and bulletins.

Frankfurt School Financial Services GmbH/ Frankfurt School of Finance – Frankfurt School Financial Services GmbH, a subsidiary of Frankfurt School of Finance, is our cooperaton partner in the Frankfurter Gründerfonds program. The office with the experts managing the program (FSFS Gründerfondsbüro) is at their premises. The program’s aim is to facilitate financing for startups and young entrepreneurs, see

Founders’ network Route A66 – coordination center: University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main, Dept. of Research, Further Education, Transfer

Goethe University Frankfurt am Main – Goethe Unibator, events and seminars, consultancy and facilitation for graduate founders

Jobcenter Frankfurt am Main – Consultancy for founders receiving welfare under SGB II regulations

Rhein-Main Chamber of Trade – Consultancy, information and support for founders from the trades

RKW Hessen GmbH – Consultancy for founders (group consultations available), facilitation programs of the State of Hesse, the federal government (KfW) and the EU.

Wirtschafts- und Infrastrukturbank Hessen – Consultancy on founding and operating businesses, information on state, federal and EU loan programmes to support foundation and growth.

Further cooperation partners